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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

La Femme Blush

Hey beauty lovers I have a product RAVE for you! So after about a month of anticipation I finally got my Makeup mania order in the mail. I placed an order with them on April 25 and didn't get my order until May 18!!! That was a really long time but, I sort of expected it from the reviews I saw on You Tube. Enough about how long it took though I know you guys wanna see the products. I purchased four blush (Purple Passion, Golden Sunset, Bordeaux, and Orange). One word to describe these colors GEORGOUS!!!! All of their blushes are super pigmented so be careful applying the brighter colors. The blush retail for $2.50 in pan form and $3.00 in the container, you you say Affordble!!!I bought all four of these blushes for the price of one MAC blush (now thats my kinda makeup). I would recommend these blushes to everyone from beginners in makeup to makeup artists, this product would be GREAT for a makep kit. Wan to purchase some for youself click here


Price is very affordable
Color selcetion
Stay on all day



Vintage Makeup said...

Wow those look great!