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Monday, August 22, 2011

EOTD: WnW Dancing In The Clouds

Hey beauty lovers! This is another installment from the DreamWeavers Trios new collection. I have actually continued to create looks with these palettes and this is the second one, Dancing In The Clouds. I think that this is a really neutral and pretty palette that you can rock anywhere and since school is right around the corner this would be a perfect look. So lets get into it.

Products Used:
Dancing In the Clouds Trio
Elf eyelid Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple
Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette (outer V and crease)
Maybelline Define-A line pencil (Black)
L'oreal Carbon Voluminous Mascara
Maybelline Stellito Mascara
Rimmell Day to Night Mascara

Hope you guys enjoy this look! check out the tutorial

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Tag

So I saw this tag going around and I thought this would be the perfect time to do this tag since school is only 2 weeks away.

What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
I’m excited that this is my last year of college and I will have my degree.

What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
Shopping for new school clothes…. It gives me an excuse to shop and she the new styles for the season.

What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?
I tried in the 10th grade but I could never find the right color foundation so I gave up. Last year I give it another try and have been wearing it ever since. So the short answer is about a year.

Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school?
Youtube  is one of my main sources, I also look at the store manikins to see what they are wearing. Also friends and magazines.

What are your favorite upcoming "back to school"/fall trends for this year?
Not too sure exactly what they trends are now but like last year I love my leggings  and boots and we cant forget blazers… I love me so blazers!!!

Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
Walmart or wherever they have the best sales. I love a bargain.

What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping?
Wet seal, Forever 21, JC Penny anywhere else they have cute clothes.

Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse to school this year? Most likely both

What are 3 non-beauty essentials you HAVE to carry in your backpack/purse?
Cell phone (with ipod), Pens or Pencils, Planner

What are 3-4 beauty essentials that you HAVE to carry in you backpack/purse?
Mirror, Powder, Lipgloss, Powder brush

What are your go-to hair products for this year, and what is your go to hair style?
Well this question I can’t really answer because I just recently went natural so I am still experimenting as to what products to use. For hairstyles I will probably be doing twist-outs, coils, and quickweaves.

What are your go-to makeup products for this year and what is your go-to makeup look for school?
I’ll be using my Makeup Forever HD foundation with a neutral eye probably with my Naked Palette. Eye lashes are a must for me so I will be wearing Red Cherry lashes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


hey beauty lovers I hope everyone is having an amazing week! It's Wednesday and that means the its almost the weekend!!! I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going on vacation tomorrow until Monday so you probably wont see a post from me until Tuesday. Me and my family are going to stay in our house in the Poconos so it will be a nice relaxing time before school starts in 2 weeks (whew the summer went by super quick). I of course will have tons of pics and maybe even a couple of vlogs if you would be interested in seeing that. When I return I have a lot of reviews and hauls to do so I will be kicking out a post everyday (since I have been slacking for a couple of weeks) If any of you have started school already or are starting soon I wish you the best of luck and make this school year the best... I will talk to you all on Tuesday!!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hey beauty lovers! This is a long awaited haul that I have been meaning to do. A few weeks ago I got my hands on the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette and I have had to time review it and one word explains this palette... Wonderful!!!

I love this palette it has some many different colors from bright to neutral to colors that are perfect for smokey eyes. Although the palette is $55 if you think about it you get 15 eye shadows for $55 when one urban decay show costs $17. But I know you guys probably wanna see swatches and pics so lets get right into it.

The first column consits of all neutral colors with the first color consisting of lots of shimmer.
The middle column are very bright colors with a bright pink purple and dark blue and turquoise color
The last column is very good for smokey eyes.

                               Left to Right: Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow, Chase
Left to Right: Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, Deep End

                                      Left to Right: Deeper, M.I.A., Ace, Blackout, Half Truth

I will be doing a couple of different tutorials with these eyeshadows so if you have a certain look or color in mind let me know.

Friday, August 5, 2011

EOTD ~ We're Blasting Off

Hey beauty lovers! This is the first post in my Wet n Wild DreamWeavers series that I will be doing. This look Features the We're Blasting Off Palette which consits of  a Pink Dark sparkle purple and shimmery gold color.

Products Used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Pencil- Milk
We're Blasting Off
Dark Purple- Outer V
Shimmery gold- Inner Lid and Tear Duct
Elf Single eyeshadow in Saddle- Crease
Elf Single eyeshadow in Butercream- Highlight
Miss Adoro Lashes- #118

Hope you guys enjoyed this look. Stay tuned for the others.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Wet n Wild DreamWeavers Collection

Hey beauty lovers I'm back with another post. This is going to be both a haul and a review. As you probably know the Wet n Wild DreamWeaver palletes came out last month and it seems like they are so hard to find. I have been searching from store to store trying to find this collection and I finally got my hands on them. I purchased them at my local Rite Aid store and they were $2.99 each. The collection consits of 6 palettes.

Earth Looks Small From Down Here
Enter A New Realm
Bright Idea
Dancing In The Clouds
We're Blasting Off
Fly Me To The Moon

Check out These Swatches:

Earth Looks Small From Down Here

 Fly Me To The Moon
 We're Blasting Off

 Enter A New Realm

 Bright Idea

 Dancing In The Clouds

I have to say that I really like these palettes. The colors are really pigmented (with an exception of a couple colors (the purple in Dancing In The Clouds). I will be doing FOTD's with all of these palettes. So stay tuned guys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey beauty lovers, I'm back! I got everything situated at my new house so I'm back in action! I thought what better way to come back than with a haul. I have been doing a little bit of shopping here and there and I won a giveaway so I wanted to share it with you all. So let get right into it.

I won a giveaway on YouTube and my prized finally came and this is what was included in my package.

I love everything I got and cant wait to use everything!

Now onto the products that I bought:
I made another purchase from, I swear I love their prices it is the most afforbable NYX products I have seen.

I purchased:
2 NYX round lipsticks in NYX and Watermelon ($1.99 e.a.)
1 New Matte Lipstick in Audrey ($4.99)
2 Mega Shine Lipgloss in African Queen and Smokey Look ($3.75e.a.)
1 New Matte Nail Polish in Hot Pink ($3.99)
Eyebrown Pencil in Dark Brown ($2.99)

Top: NYX
Bottom: Watermelon

New Matte Lipstick in Audrey

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss
L to R: Smokey Look, African Queen

If you want to see any more swatches or see any reviews let me know and I would be happy to do it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Update! I'm Back

Hey beauty lovers! I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone had a great weekend. I have been super busy becasue as most of you know I just moved into my house. So I have been painting, unpacking, and cleaning up the house which seems like it is taking forever. I haven't really had time to do a blog post in over a week and I hope you guys forgive me, but I will be back very soon! I have a lot of post that I have to do this upcoming week just as soon as I finish all of my unpacking and I get internet connection. I want to Thank you all for sticking with me, I will be probably getting out a post later today and tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Haul

Hey beauty lovers, I have a really quick haul that I wanted to share. As some of you may know I have been on a nude lipstick/lip gloss kick and I ordered a couple of lip products from I love this site because they have really affordable NYX products that are cheaper than buying them from the NYX website. Shipping is also really affordable, I paid $1.88 for the things I got. Here is what I purchased.

 I purchased two of the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss $3.75 each  (Tanned  and Nude Pink) and One Round Lipstick $1.99 in Tea.
 Flash (L to R) Tanned, Tea, Nude Pink
No Flash (L to R) Tanned, Tea, Nude Pink

I will do a post on how I plan on wearing these lip products!! What are some of your favorite nude lip combos, I'd love to hear about them to get some more ideas.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lippies Haul (Pic Heavy)

What's up beauty lovers! I'm back with a haul on some lip products that I have been collecting over the past two weeks. Lipstick and Lip gloss seems to be my new obsession since last month when all I bought was blush (crazy how our obsessions change like that) Let me show you what I got!

MAC (l/s) Freckletone
Jordana: Pretty shine lip gloss:
(L to R) 07 Darling, 09 Gorgeous, 01 Dazzling

NYC: Extreme lip glider lip gloss

(L to R)
542U Downtown Brown, 527U Riverside Rouge, 522U Carnegie Melon, 518U Chealsea Rose, 520U Plaza Punch

Top Row:
Cover Girl (Smolder), Revlon (Mink), Revlon (l/g) (nude luster) Elf glossy gloss (Dragon Fruit)
Bottom Row:
Black Radiance (l/g) 3227, & 3231

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara, Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner (endless), Black Radiance Blush in (Warm Berry)

Hope you all enjoyed my collective haul. Let me know if you have any must have lip sticks or lip combos for the summer.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Makeup Storage

Hey beauty lovers! I hope everyone had a good holiday, I know I did! I was sort of sad waking up this morning because I knew I had to get back into the daily routine of work again  (blah). Anyway I got a really good response from my makeup brush holder post (click here if you haven't seen that post)  that I decided to do more makeup and storage type videos. So I wanted to share my new storage that I received recently my MUJI 5 drawer acrylic container. I know there has been a lot of buzz about those containers because they are so similar to the clear cube storage (a lot of people have seen the ones the  Kardasians have) Here is what the container looks like:

These containers are very sturdy and durable so I feel that it was well worth the $23.95 I paid. Although the drawers are not that deep you can still fit a lot of makeup inside of them. Here is what I put inside of mine.

1st drawer from the top:
Blush (Milani, MAC, ELF, NYX)

2nd Drawer:
Lipsticks (MAC, NYX, Revlon, Covergirl, Milani)
3rd Drawer:
Lipgloss (ELF, Revlon, Mac, Milani, NYX, Wet n Wild)
4th Drawer:
Eye Drawer (Elf, Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline, Too Faced, Wet n Wild, NYX)

5th Drawer:
Pigments (Elf, L'oreal, Spectrum, Still Glamorous)

I can't wait to get more of these! If you would like to purchase your own check out the site. But I must worn you that they go quick so check the site frequently.

Do you have a muji? what's in yours?