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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review | Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette

Hey beauty lovers, I hope you all are doing fabulous! I'm back to do a review on the Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette, that I featured in my last haul post. This palette can be purchased at Sephora or and retails for $32.00. I was very excited to get this palette but at the same time I was kind of skeptical. I love the packaging which is a plus and the fact that it actually featured a WOC, however I saw some colors that I had in previous palettes and didn't know if it would be worth it. So I took a chance and bought it, and let me tell you I'M GLAD I DID!!! Let me get into some of the details of this palette. This palette comes with four eye shadow colors (Woodstock, Verve, Suspects, Darkhorse) One mini lip gloss (Crush) and one 24/7 glide on pencil in (Whiskey). This palette is a nice change from your typical one which contain only the zero pencil or a mini primer potion.

So lets get into the review of the eye shadows! I must say that I love each and every color here. Although there are some dupes from other palettes (darkhorse is in the naked palette and suspect is in the New York  palette) these colors are so beautiful I don't mind having backups. They are very pigmented with long lasting power.

From L to R (Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse)

No Flash

As for the lip gloss when I first put it on it felt sticky (which I hate my lip glosses to be) however I did like the fact that it smelled and sort of tasted like mint. (yeah so what I tasted the lip gloss lol). The lip gloss was very opaque which I expected more color.  The question of would I  purchase a full size lip gloss would probably be followed by a No. Reason being I don't find it necessary to pay $19.00 for a sticky lip gloss

As for the 24/7 glide on pencil... well do I have to say it.... A must have in all colors. The formula is so creamy and glides on to your eye so effortlessly who wouldn't want to buy one.
Product 8/10
Pigmentation 8/10
Longevity: 9/10
Packaging 4.5/5

My overall thoughts are that I'm glad I bought this palette and I would recommend it. Let me know if you have this palette or would like to see some FOTD posts with this palette.


Vintage Makeup said...

Suspect is so pretty! WIll have to check out this palette.

Mz_Unique423 said...

@ Vintage Makeup you should I love this palette.